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View the detailed API documentation here.

The Rebit JSON Web Service gives developers programmatic access to the core functionality of the platform. Using our RESTFUL API, a developer will be able to build applications that accomplish the following:

  1. Create and manage users (available to Vendor partners* only)
  2. Create and manage recipients in the Philippines
  3. Create, manage, and monitor rebittances to the Philippines
  4. Pre-calculate rebittance fees to the Philippines
  5. Receive official lists of Philippine provinces, fulfillment providers, and exchange rates

A third-party application will NOT be able to do the following:

  1. Create its own collection of sender (user) records (except as a Vendor partner)
  2. Manipulate its sending limits
  3. Apply its own fees and rates to the Rebit calculations

Each API request is assumed to be in JSON format. The API token listed above is unique to each Rebit user. If you regenerate your personal token, you will regain access to all previously-created records once you update your application code to use the new token.

The typical rebittance workflow is as follows:

  1. Create new recipient record
  2. Calculate rebittance costs based on amount, strategy, and location of recipient
  3. Create new rebittance record
  4. Present invoice address to sender in the form of a QR code or hash
  5. Monitor rebittance status

The base URL for the api is:

Every request must include the provided API token in its parameters, like so:<REQUEST>?token=<API-TOKEN>

The simplest way to test the API is by attempting to retrieve your own user profile hash, with a GET request similar to the following:<API-TOKEN>

In contrast, a Vendor partner's requests are scoped further. The example below would return the list of users belonging to the current vendor.<VENDOR-API-TOKEN>/users

For more information,view our detailed API documentation here.

* If you wish to engage us as a Vendor partner, you may contact us at for details, or apply using this form.